•The First & Only Line For Women of Color• 65+ Toxic/Cruelty-Free Hand Created Colors!
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OOO Polish is the first and only brand of polish that created a unique color system to complement women of color skin tones and undertones. With over 65 hand blended colors to choose from, owner, Symantha Onyechi's mission is to prove Women of Color beauty options are no longer limited! 

This idea was created a year ago, in 2016, for a line of polishes specifically catering to the many shades and undertones of Women of Color. A simple nail shop visit that turned awry and her love for trying unique color options brought about the creation of OOO Polish. Just like your favorite shade of eye shadow, foundations, blush, and other make up products, nail polish colors matter for Women of Color. Nail polish colors are not created universally, and after much research, Symantha concluded that many of the nail polish brands don't use Women of Color skin tones as a creative palette.

Unfortunately, for Women of Color, finding beauty products that match our skin tones and our varying undertones is difficult. We have to be ready for trial and error time and time again. When we do find the right products we are extremely limited to and rely heavily on those few products to keep us beautiful. Symantha believes representation matters, and wanted to create unique out-of-the-box colors while challenge the idea that Women of Color have limited options for beauty.

Symantha created OOO Polish with the intent to make all Women of Color feel more confident in experimenting with a variety of nail polish colors as well as educate buyers with a little bit of knowledge of the many African cultures that existed and thrived on the continent.

All products are free of all cancer causing chemicals and hormone disrupters (8-Free) and lasts over 14 days! Each lacquer is carefully handmade in batches, labeled, packaged, and shipped by Symantha and her husband. She believes with many of the toxic beauty products out there catering to Women of Color, she has made it her focus to provide a safe alternative.
"In our eyes, it's a brand that specifically is aimed towards Black women as the names of the polishes are inspired by African leaders, empires and deities. The brand isn't only fashion forward, it's educational. During the process of selecting colours for our look book, we learned about new empires and leaders we had never heard of. It brings to the forefront of any consumers mind; the majesty and diversity of Africa and its cultures. "
OOO Polish: What's not to love?
CurltureUK - February 03, 2017
"Created with Women of Color in mind, OOO Polish has a HUGE, colorful selection of vegan nail polish that compliments all skin tones. Their shop boast 10+ lacquer collections: The Mother Nature Collection and Oyo Empire Collection are especially worth checking out!"
10 Woman-Owned Beauty and Fashion Brands To Shop At This Year
The Odyssey Online - January 17, 2017
"What do you do when you go to get your nails done and can’t find the color nail polish you want? If you’re Symantha Wechie-Onyechi, you create your own. OOO Polish was created in 2016 when Symantha found that many of the nail polish colors she saw in salons didn’t complement the wide variety of skin tones women of color represent."
We Buy Black - March 16, 2017
Symantha Wechie-Onyechi
Creator & Owner
OOO Polish is a Spiritually and African inspired polish line of custom handmade colors created, designed, produced, and fulfilled by Symantha.
Nail Look Book
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have done everything possible to see if the polish will chip, crack, peel, etc....NOTHING! I am absolutely impressed! I was previously using the Sally Hansen gel polish to get more wear out of my manicures but still experienced chips after just 1 day. I'm going to keep ordering from you! "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This polish is perfection and looks like liquid gold. It went on smooth, easy and evenly. I work as a waitress in a busy restaurant and I use my hands a lot, I used Oshún with the Queen up base coat and shine like a Queen top coat, no chips! I am so excited to try my other polishes and I'm positive I won't be disappointed. Thank you for making such beautiful polishes that not only compliment the gorgeous skin tones of women of color but for all women."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I am so pleased with this beautiful polish! This was my first indie brand purchase and it knocked me off my feet! Super smooth application, quick drying time and no bubbles in the finish. I've never been a fan of reds because they didn't go well with my skin tone, but I shine in this fiery shimmer. I'm glad Symantha took the time to fulfill the beauty wishes of the prismatic brown peoples."
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