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Made for Women of Color

wear every color under the sun! But not all of them reflected what I imagined they’d look like on my skin tone, I didn’t need to be more “confident”.. I was...or change my “outlook”, it simply didn’t bring out my skin tone. Just like certain clothing colors make your skin shine while others seem too dull, same thing applies!

Of course there are thousands of BEAUTIFUL colors available to us with hundreds of articles, telling us, WOC, what shades to pick but not every nail shop is going to have every shade of blue, red, yellow, or brown, purple, orange, etc. Women of Color often don’t have the opportunity to pick their “true nude” and are often left with odd toned, streaky, and non-opaque colors. 

So, that’s where I stepped in and created a need for myself, creating inclusive imagery and colors that reflected my skin tone. I didn’t have to guess anymore about what it would look like, being forced to accept a manicure I don't like, but I could now visualize it on hands that looked like mine!

It’s about uplifting and ensuring your shopping experience is easier for you. You are not an 'afterthought' here. Made for Women of Color means it’s our creative focus and inspiration but as always, we embrace inclusivity and the beauty in all shades. 

People tend to say pick your polish on how the color makes you feel. That could be true for some people and many select their polish colors for a VARIETY of reasons: to match their clothes, to match their skin tone, to match their hair, their jewelry, their vibe that day, their nail length, their feelings, their favorite colors, their nail designs, their house aesthetics, etc. There isn’t a right or wrong reason to pick your nail color. But I know I FEEL good when my nails look me. When I look down at my nails after a stressful day and say “Ooo! My nails are still cute though!” it makes me a little happier on the inside!

Like your favorite shade of eye shadow, foundations, blush, lipstick, and other make up products, nail polish colors matter for Women of Color. Ever wonder why you try to find that same or similar color you used last time EVERY TIME you go to the nail salon? 

Nail polish colors are not created universally, and after much research, I concluded that many of the nail polish brands don't use our skin tones as a creative palette.
I created OOO Polish with the intent to make all women of color feel more confident in experimenting with a variety of nail polish colors as well as "dip" you in a little bit of knowledge of the many African cultures, which as we all know, is the origin of all civilization.
This research reflects in all my collections, many that include bronze and gold undertones as well as colors that seem to "shift" on one skin tone to another. It is possible some OOO Polish colors may remind of you of other colors seen elsewhere but because I use WOC skin tones and undertones, varying from beautifully fair to beautifully deep, you will never find these colors elsewhere.
We create each color in semi-small batches, therefore extremely slight variances in color do occur.
We custom create all colors so there is no need to "dupe" colors from other manufacturers. We all know seeing a variety of colors that you would otherwise not select on a skin tone similar to yours eases the stress when buying beauty products and allows you the opportunity to explore and expand your own beauty! It matters.
Photo: @CurltureUK

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