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Our Dedication To Inclusive Imagery

wear every color under the sun! But not all of them reflected what I imagined they’d look like on my skin tone, I didn’t need to be more “confident”.. I was...or change my “outlook”, it simply didn’t bring out my skin tone.

Of course. there are thousands of beautiful colors available to us with hundreds of articles, recommending shades to pick based on our skin tone but not every nail shop is going to have every shade of blue, red, yellow, or brown, purple, orange, etc. Underrepresented skin tones often don’t have the opportunity to pick their “true nude” and are often left with odd toned, streaky, and non-opaque colors. 

We are the nail lacquer brand dedicated to inclusive imagery and formulating nail lacquer colors for every skin tone. This isn't to create a divide or deep discussions on how you may not feel this way about your nails. This is meant to include imagery of underrepresented skin tones paired with imagery of colors many women feel like they could never wear. Our goal is to create a new standard. We all deserve to be represented, and that representation should also include the nail industry.
Certain demographics, specifically, black people have had long well documented history in America of being excluded because brands didn’t see the value in us. Here, you are not a trend, afterthought, or marketing strategy. In the beauty industry, we have seen countless times where companies just don’t understand brown skin and undertones and create underwhelming products.

Like your favorite shade of eye shadow, foundations, blush, lipstick, and other make up products, nail polish colors matter too. Ever wonder why you try to find that same or similar color you used last time EVERY TIME you go to the nail salon? Nail polish colors are not created universally, and after much research, I concluded that many of the nail polish brands don't use our skin tones as a creative palette.

We custom create all colors so there is no need to "dupe" colors from other manufacturers. We all know seeing a variety of colors that you would otherwise not select on a skin tone similar to yours eases the stress when buying beauty products and allows you the opportunity to explore and expand your own beauty! It matters.
Photo: @CurltureUK
Though there’s always a small percentage of people that just won’t want to understand, we focus on great companies like our stockist, Cambridge Naturals in Boston, our inclusive and supportive online retailers, nail techs, brand ambassadors from literally all around the world, and our amazing customers who continue to support our brand and our mission!


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