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Made For Women of Color-Behind The Concept

Founder & Creator, Symantha Wechie-Onyechi
We are the nail lacquer brand dedicated to inclusive imagery and formulating nail lacquer colors for Women of Color skin tones. Made for Women of Color is not meant to exclude but to include imagery of brown hands and imagery with colors many women feel like they could never wear. Our goal is to create a new standard. We all deserve to be represented, even in the nail industry.
I went back and forth with the ‘Made For Women of Color’ phrase for a long time before officially choosing it because of a variety of factors: inclusion, colorism, exclusion, racism, and beauty politics. But ultimately, WOC have had long well documented history in America of being excluded because brands didn’t see the value in us or included us when it was profitable for them or just advertised bleaching cream for us to be “lighter” to use their products and even then didn’t put forth much effort.
The goal is to embrace WOC, and for once this was made with you in mind first so you don’t have to guess anymore. In the beauty industry, we have seen countless times where companies just don’t understand brown skin and our undertones and create underwhelming products that don’t equal to the perfomance of the other products. WOC also spend over 7 million a year on beauty products but a lot of that is due to trial and error trying to find the products that work best for us.
Though there’s l always a small percentage of people that just won’t want to understand I focus on is great companies like our stockist, Cambridge Naturals in Boston, our inclusive online retailers, nail techs, and amazing customers non-WOC and WOC, who continue to support our brand and our mission!
To read more about our mission behind inclusion, toxic free beauty, and statistics, click here!


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