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14 day Chip-Free Wear?

Chip-Free Wear for over 14 days seems impossible eh? 

Well it's not! I paint my nails almost every 7-10 days because I, as the owner, have to test my many nail polish creations and test out the durability and quality. It's also part of my much needed self-care routine to care for my hands and feet!

But! Even though my nails are long and I am constantly handling nail polish, boxing orders, doing my children's hair, cooking, and washing dishes. I've never experienced ANY chips with my nail polish. And no it's not Black Magic even though I am magical! 

OOO Polish Lacquers are not shellac or gel polishes and do not require curing under UV lights. This is traditional high quality nail polish. 

Do you not wear nail polish because you've only experienced chipping? I can get you that chip free life! Read below! 

Always be sure to wash your hands prior to applying nail polish. No oily cuticles or finger nails! 

First: A base coat and separate top coat are an absolute MUST. You can't skip these! Just like you wouldn’t apply your foundation without washing your face and applying your favorite primer. Same thing applies here! 

The base coat not only strengthens your nails. It also fills in any ridges or unevenness, and provides a really great base for the color to go on top of. It prevents chips by making your nails an attractive surface for polish to stick to. 

The top coat strengthens your nails and also provides the ultimate protection against chips. It also seals the polish and adds shine (or gives a matte texture) to the manicure. 

Second: Always use high quality nail polish! You're already here so good for you! Lower quality nail polish tends to have a thinner consistency that leads to chipping.

Third: LET YOUR NAILS DRY COMPLETELY before applying the next coat. OOO Polish dries in 2-3 minutes so by the time you're applying your second coat you should have no problems!

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So! Let's recap...it's base coat first. 2-3 coats of desired color (depending on nail polish color and opaqueness desired). Make sure to let nail polish dry in between coats. Apply top coat. 

LAST IMPORTANT STEP: Regardless of nail length when applying the second coat of nail polish, go back to the left most tip of each nail and drag your brush along the edge. This seals the the polish off on the tip of the nail and prolongs the life of your manicure. Do the SAME technique when applying your top coat. 

Thats it! Oh! I will add that wearing gloves and just being a smidge more delicate..just a smidge helps! OOO Polish is high quality so no need to worry about chipping but I recommend gloves when handling certain items or washing dishes, this helps prevent bumps against hard surfaces which can chip nail polish unknowingly. 

You now have the secret to flawless nails! Be sure to tag me with your beautiful manicures! #ooopolish 






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