•The First & Only Line For Women of Color• 65+ Toxic/Cruelty-Free Hand Created Colors!
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About the Brand

OOO Polish is a Spiritually and African inspired polish line of custom handmade colors created, designed, produced, and fulfilled by Symantha.
The 1st and only polish line specifically created to complement Women of Color skin tones.
The idea for a line of polishes specifically catered to the many shades and undertones of women of color came from a simple nail shop visit that turned awry and my love of beautiful hands and feet! I love to try different colors that bring out my skin tone and I want to bring that experience to you!
Many times when we prepare for the nail salon, we usually limit ourselves to certain "go to" colors because most brands do not use brown skin as a palette. I believe representation matters and I want to take away the guess work when selecting beauty products for your skin tone. Of course, all OOO lacquers display beautifully on all skin tones and I welcome everyone to enjoy my beauty products!
Each lacquer is carefully handmade by me in Houston, Texas, not in a facility, or pre-packaged. Each polish is uniquely named after several Yoruba Orishas, African Gods, historic Queens of Africa, and I will include many more historic African cultures in future collections. I also love to include small descriptions about each polish and my inspiration to give a sense of personality to each color and dip you in a little bit of knowledge about the origin of all civilization. I create custom hand-blended colors, that are vegan, and 8-FREE! Which means all lacquers are free of ALL cancer causing chemicals. I believe beauty should be safe for you and safe for the environment.
Infinite Light. Infinite Love. Infinite Life.


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