About The Creator

Symantha Wechie-Onyechi-Creator & Owner
I've always loved nail polish, I also was an excellent nail biter too, but I would still paint those little nubs of nails! I've always admired my mother and my aunts' nails. All of three of them have super long beautiful natural nails that were meticulously cared for like...m e t i c u l o u s l y...and that hasn’t changed! So that love of nails easily passed on to me, and I always loved going to the nail shop with my mom and watching the process. 
When I was finally allowed to get my own "full set" I never looked back and fell in love with nails and nail polish. Before the nail shop, I had a ritual of looking for inspirational nail designs, I was always exploring some "weird" color, as my mom would say, and I noticed over the years, that though color swatches were plentiful, the skin tones didn't change too much.
I was determined to find the perfect nude, and not settling for these odd undertone nudes that just didn't come out how I imagined. Between trying to find the perfect nude in what seems like a timed race after the words "Pick your color" are said, and disappointing outcomes I would regularly get with the nude shades I had to quickly select, I decided to make my own. I only set out to make a few nude shades, and keep it simple, but once I started mixing and pouring, I fell in love with creating unique bold colors that radiate on every skin tone.
Our nail polish names aren’t traditionally named because I am inspired by world history especially pre-colonial African history, the deeper untold stories of our world history. The kingdoms and empires and queens and kings of Africa and their stories are also purposely hidden or only told in bits and pieces so I even began learning things about my own culture when creating this brand that I hadn't been taught or even knew existed.
We believe these untold stories have purpose and deserve to be known, so our goal is to provide nail polish names with purpose. We believe education helps fuel unity.
Thank you for joining us on this journey of inclusion and education. We hope you continue to have Infinite Light. Infinite Love. Infinite Life.