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Founder + Creator

Symantha Wechie-Onyechi | Founder + Creator

The inspiration for a line of polishes specifically catered to the many shades and undertones of women of color came from my love of nails and nail polish since I was a child! I actually used to be an avid nail biter until I was in highschool! And I would still paint those little nubs and my toes obsessively!

My mother and aunts had the most beautiful nails! I so admired them. Their nails were always painted, long, and perfectly shaped! As an incentive, my mom bought one of my favorite jewelry pieces to encourage me to grow my nails. It didn't work, ha! Eventually, I was allowed to go to the nail shop, slapped some nail tips on and I haven't looked back since! Anyone who knows me, knows my nails are always groomed! Just like my Mommy! 

Tired of the limited nude color selections at the nail shop and in stores, I thought “ I could make my own colors at this point!”. That’s just what I did. 

My mother, being a makeup professional for over 10 years, inspired me to learn why certain shades and colors bring out our skin tones more than others. Many times when we prepare for the nail salon, we usually limit ourselves to certain "go to" colors because brown skin isn’t even considered as starting point in creating colors that bring out the beauty of brown skin.

I believe representation matters and I want to take away the guess work when selecting beauty products for your skin tone. Of course, all OOO lacquers look beautiful on all skin tones and I welcome everyone to enjoy my beauty products!

We are 100% Black Owned and Family Owned. Our handmade lacquers are our handcreated formulas that are safe for you without compromising on quality. Each polish is uniquely named after several Yoruba Orishas, African Gods, historic Queens of Africa, and more. We believe Education = Unity.

Infinite Light. Infinite Love. Infinite Life.



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