Our Dedication To Inclusive Shades & Natural Imagery

wear every color under the sun! But not all of them reflected what I imagined they’d look like on my skin tone, I didn’t need to be more “confident”.. I was...or change my “outlook”, it simply didn’t bring out my skin tone like I wanted.

Underrepresented skin tones often don’t have the opportunity to pick their “true nude” and are often left with odd toned, streaky, and non-opaque colors.


This isn't to create a divide or deep discussions on how you may not feel this way about your nails. Our mission is to include imagery of underrepresented skin tones paired with imagery of colors many women feel like they could never wear. We all deserve to be represented, and that representation should also include the nail industry. 
This article below provides detailed insight on the importance of representation in the beauty industry, specifically hand swatches and diversity.
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Seeing a variety of colors that you would otherwise not select on a skin tone similar to yours eases the stress when buying beauty products and allows you the opportunity to explore and expand your own beauty. It matters.
We pair our nail polish with everyday natural photos. When browsing our site, you will notice 98% of our photos will not be edited or simulated colors. We love the effects that editing and Photoshop can bring, but many times, they don't match what you end up getting physically. We embrace every nail shape, skin tone and skin type, so send over those swatches! What you’ll find here is relatable everyday swatches that fuel our mission of diversity.
It’s not about just buying our nail polish, but it’s also about being able to confidently pick out your next shade or one of our swatches inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new shade. 
Photo: @CurltureUK
We are able to focus on and fuel our mission because of our inclusive retail store partners, online retailers from Canada to the US Virgin Islands, our supportive nail artists, brand ambassadors from all around the world, and our amazing customers who continue to support our brand and our mission!
Thank you for helping us fuel our mission: #nailpolishonbrownskintones