Toxic Free Promise

All OOO Polish Lacquers & Gels are leaping bunny certified and toxic free without compromising on quality.

Leaping Bunny Certified means none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals or created with animal bi-products. 100% Cruelty Free. Our products are actually 13-free but let’s explain what that all means and why we still use 8-free as our promise.

So what does all that mean? 3-Free? 5-Free? 8-free? 10-free? 13-free?

It can definitely be difficult to decipher what that means and if it even matters. For the most part, most polishes don’t contain cancer-causing chemicals and some companies often include chemicals that weren’t even present in polish to begin with, like parabens or being cruelty free to constitute their 10-free or 13-free promise.

Our focus is that it’s great that many companies are choosing to make safer products! It creates an industry standard that’s safer, and that’s all that matters! So with that said, go with a brand that’s transparent, you can trust, and you are all good!

8-free means that our hand blended polishes do not contain:

Toluene-Dibutyl Phthalate-Formaldehyde-Formaldehyde Resin-Camphor-TPHP-Ethyl Tosylamide-Xylene

These 8 ingredients were previously used in most nail polish formulations until recent studies found them to be potentially harmful or irritable to humans. 

Women of Color already have a tough time finding beauty products that work for their skin tones but unfortunately, many of those beauty products are extremely harmful causing disruption of hormones and possible risks of breast cancer. The latest studies reveal that this link is no longer in question. Click the articles below to read more.

Cosmetics targeting black women are more likely to contain potentially harmful ingredients than those marketed to the general public, according to a study published December 6, 2016 by the non-profit Environmental Working Group.

  Please visit our ingredient list page here for more information.